Social Trading & Crowd Trading

The world of binary and forex trading which was once considered only for people that had a background in the financial sector, is now easily open for novice traders, you don’t have to be a financial whiz to become a trader. The best thing that happened was the internet and the easy access available on PC’s , and mobile devices from just about anywhere in the world. Not just the regular forex and binary trading but social trading has entered the arena bringing with it a whole new trend.

Today we have only a handful of social trading brokers but with increasing popularity the market in social trading is becoming more and more attractive to traders and just when we started getting used to social trading another broker pops up with something totally new, the latest is ‘crowd trading’ – with this comes a whole new set of exciting and innovative ways that a trader can make good on his investments.

Trade 360 has developed state of the art algorithms that examines trader activity, and makes the adjustments on any asset, so there is a constant update as traders start trading on any specific asset, it is very specific and tells you how many traders – so this is when you grab the opportunity and jump in and join the crowd. As with all new and innovative ideas we expect to see a lot more brokers jumping on the band wagon offering ‘crowd trading’ features in the very near future.

The dedicated team at Comparizone did an in-depth study and compared a selection of some of the social brokers that are dominating the market place today.

Etoro which so far ranks as the top social broker, offer a unique and highly intuitive platform allowing their users to tap into the wisdom of other successful traders which enhances the learning curve for making wiser trading decisions. They offer a demo account where you can trade and copy traders without risking any investment. Their training programme is very intuitive and if there are any questions the customer support team is always on hand. They offer competitive trading conditions, a large customer base with ground breaking features.

Tradeo has fast data feeds with very sophisticated analytic s and a very large community of traders. Riding on the wave of social information which allows their clients to directly improve their trading success through their social platform that has a suite of exceptional tools and resources. Along with copy trading, the social networking feature opens more interactive ways to connect with other traders in their network.

Ayondo has an award-winning and in-house TradeHub platform providing a range of innovative tools while the execution time for orders are very fast. Alternatively, they also have a next generation social trading platform where you can easily follow and copy the trades of expert investors. Ayondo has an impressive 1500 instruments that you can trade on their platform, covering forex, indices, commodities, CFDs, stocks, interest rates and bonds. With no minimum deposit you can transfer any amount into your account.

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