How to become a forex trader to follow?

Asad H. from Dubai, UAE: I want to become a forex trader that other people can follow. How do I achieve this and which broker do you recommend?

Hi Asad and CompariZone readers, social trading opens a lot of opportunities for you to earn and be popular with your trading skills. In fact, you don’t have to be a professional trader in order to have a portfolio that other traders can follow.

If you are performing well with your trades, your profile will be easily noticed by other traders in your network and will start to earn some followers. In order to increase your following, you need to be consistent with your trades because this will be the mainfactor why other traders decide to monitor and copy your trades in the social networking platform.

Another factor that could help is being sociable with your followers. Actively communicating and participating in discussions can definitely earn you good feedbacks and referrals from other traders which in turn could result to a higher number of supporters.

Remember though that these are general tips and the process of becoming a trader that people can follow will depend on the social trading network that you’re signed-up with. We highly recommend that you sign-up eToro which has one of the largest social-investment networks in the industry today. You may click here to access their website.