eToro Copied Traders

It may be overwhelming to see the number of traders to follow especially when you are new to social or copy trading but having more options is actually an advantage because. That means there’s a bigger population of traders and there’s a higher chance that to find users that will increase your account’s profitability.

Who are the best traders to follow and copy?

So who are the most successful traders to follow and which of their strategies should you copy? This will totally be based on your trading experience and risk profile. It also important to check their profile and view their trading statistics to see their actual performance or historical trade results and if their portfolio matches your market interests. However, the past performance of each user doesn’t not guarantee you of future returns and should not be considered as an endorsement.

Copy Trading with eToro

eToro not only offers a social trading platform where users can connect with other traders but they also provide a community of successful traders and social gurus to watch out for. With an investment network of more than 6 million members, there’s a diversity of trading portfolios that can be followed and copied.

Learn More About Social Trading

Above is a real-time ranking of the most successful users in the eToro social investment network. Simply click on the Copy Trader button to start copying their trades and start earning!


Please take note that the top performing traders displayed here that you can follow or copy are not considered as an investment advice and is intended only for educational purposes. Social or copy trading can be very risky so only risk a capital that you are prepared to lose.